45th Annual Dinner Dance
By Assistant Chief Jacob Phillips
May 18, 2024

on Saturday May 11th the Members of the Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance were able to let their hair down and enjoy a wonderful evening of fun food and dancing. However, there was some business that needed to be tended to prior to all the fun. We installed our leadership for 2024 and recognized some very deserving members

The Operations Board: Chief of Department William Wilkinson, Assistant Chief Jacob Phillips, Captains AJ Rado and Christopher Coscia and Lieutenants Shannon Woodard, Michael Daddona, Bella Hassildine and Jeannette Kindya.

The Board of Directors: President Garrett Lake, Vice President Joseph Oliver, directors Rod Richardson Corinne Kindya and Jeff Carlson

Our Corpsman of the year Samantha Saw who never ceases to go above and Beyond. Whether its a last minute standby or extra district coverage she is always willing and eager to come down and jump on an ambulance.

The Probationary member of the year Taylor Marelli is someone who is always willing to jump in feet first. whether that's EMT school or making the jump into medical school she has never fallen short on her RVAC duties

Our ALS Provider of the year Joseph Oliver not only is this member an excellent Paramedic he is a wonderful teacher to not only new ALS providers but to all members.

Our EMT of the year Jeff Carlson is not just a skilled provider in the back of the ambulance but someone his entire crew looks up to almost like a dad. He is always willing to spread his wealth of knowledge with anyone willing to learn.

1 David Gorton 299 calls
2Joseph Oliver 286 calls
3 Mina Sharpe 284 calls
4 James Baglivi 272 calls
5 Diane Birkel 219 calls
6 Jacob Phillips 168 calls
7 Samantha Saw 139 calls
8 AJ Rado 139 calls
9 Bella Hassildine 123 calls
10 Samantha Hartmayer 121 calls


5 years of service
AJ Rado

10 years of service
Martin Mckenna
Beth Lescenski

15 years of service
Lane Bubka

20 years of service
Derek Gerson
Joseph Oliver

45 years of active service
Charter member Keith Lewin
Charter member Jeanne Keillor

Jeremy Ryan
Edward Ferger

Kimberly Pokorny

The Sonny Turner award is a special award that is presented to a longtime member of the department, a person who truly embodies the spirit of volunteerism. This member joined the corps at a young age and stayed dedicated to RVAC throughout staring a career as a teacher, becoming a wife and starting a family. Even with all that responsibility outside of the department this member continued to show her dedication to the Riverhead community by setting up and continuing to organize a gift giving program for the children in this town. it is for these reasons that we are proud to award the Sonny Turner Award to Laura Donohue