Honoring Our Heroes: Marching in the Memorial Day Parade
By Vice President Joseph Oliver
May 27, 2024

As we step into this Memorial Day, the Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance Corps is honored to march in the parade, a tradition that holds profound significance for us and our community. Memorial Day is a time to remember and pay tribute to the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Marching in this parade is more than just a tradition; it’s a solemn reminder of the values we hold dear – courage, sacrifice, and patriotism. Each step we take is in memory of those who served and sacrificed, ensuring the liberties we enjoy today.

We are proud to march not only to honor our fallen heroes but also to stand in solidarity with their families and our fellow community members. It is a privilege to serve, protect, and support our community, just as our service members have done for our country.

Join us in commemorating this important day. Let’s come together to honor the past, cherish the present, and inspire future generations with the true spirit of service and remembrance.

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