RVAC Members Honored For Life-Saving Care
By Assistant Chief James Alfano
April 30, 2021

Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance had the privilege of recognizing the life saving actions of some of our Members and Employees. On two separate occasions the quick response as well as the quick thinking, skill and knowledge of these individuals resulted in a successful outcome for two patients suffering sudden cardiac arrest. Congratulations to EMT-CC Lisa Fitz, EMT Ed Ferger, EMT Jeff Carlson, Paramedic Bill Wilkinson, EMT-CC Lane Bubka, Paramedic Amanda Zilnicki, Krystal Felix, Tara Bates, Chris Coscia, EMT Jake Phillips, Paramedic Joe Oliver, EMT Sameer Anand, EMT Tyler Sutton, & Paramedic Erin Perrier. The actions of these individuals reinforce the level of dedication and commitment we provide to our community.